NBA SIGNATURE MOVES 10: Game Winners & Crossovers! - What's a 'bulldog cross'?! - BUZZER-BEATERS! - Are the Ball Brothers legit or all-hype? Share this with your friends who love basketball and the NBA!

Check out this new bi-lingual (English & Mandarin) rap single MV from our friend Bohan Phoenix off 88Rising: JALA 加辣...the hook is catchy as hell! Tell us what you think! Then check Bohan's whole JALA EP here:

Taiwan Night Market Food Crawl! WORLD'S BEST CHICKEN STEAK? - Taiwan has some of the biggest night market culture in the world! - Chicken Steaks, Stinky Tofu, Oyster Omelettes + a whole bunch of stuff you've never seen before! - What's your favorite Night Market Food? Share this with your friends who are going to Taiwan soon!

Who wants to join the Fung Bros team?! We're looking for experienced people who want to help take our channel to the next level. Watch this video below to find out more! Or email ***If you refer someone to us and they get hired for more than 3 months then we will send you $500***

*NEW MUSIC VIDEO* for our Future/Travis Scott inspired track 'This Is The Life' - What kind of life do you want to live? Humble or Baller? - Lyrics in both English and Mandarin Share this with your friends who would want to hear this!

WE WON A BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP WITH RICHIE LE!! - David hit's eight 3's in a game - Andrew and Tan shake people! - Richie hits fadeaway jumpers! Share this with anyone who loves playing basketball!

Check out our first Facebook Live video ever! We're talking about our experience in Belgium on our Incredible Life Swap Journey. Check the links below for even more footage from the trip #LifeSwap #ASUSTransformer

Share this if you got red envelopes for Lunar New Year! LMAO

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