KING SIZED - A Fung Bros. Short Film - Our most controversial video in YEARS! - What would YOU DO?!? Share this with your friends who would appreciate this movie!

WHY DO ASIANS LOVE MUSIC FESTIVALS? - EDC vs. Coachella Outfits - What do you wear? Share this with your friends who love festivals and EDM music!

STREETBALL IS BACK!! Breaking Ankles! - Crossovers & Hesitations - From And 1 Mixtape to Instagram - Ankle Breakers Share this with your friends who love basketball and streetball!

Have you guys heard about SOFT SWERVE?!? We recently took a trip back to New York City for a YouTube Creators Summit and we had to check out the hottest ice cream spot in the city! - Classic Soft-Serve w/ an Asian Twist! - Ube, Black Sesame, & Matcha Share this with your friends who have got to check this place out!

'MONDAY' directed by Dinh Thai. This is the first short film that truly reminded me of the Asian version of DOPE. This crossed boundaries and really put an Asian guy at the forefront of a diverse it was funny! Check out the winning film of the HBO Visionaries award now on HBO. If you don't have HBO yet, you can get a month free trial right now.

BAJA FISH TACOS: Mexican Food! - Fried Fish vs. Grilled Fish - Ceviche & Tortas - What's your favorite Mexican food? Share this with your friends who need to try FISH TACOS!

WE INVENTED A NEW BOBA FLAVOR!! 🔥 • Are you excited to try it? • What's your favorite boba drink? Share the video with anyone who needs to get this new drink! 🍵 See you guys at Labobatory this Friday, June 2nd!

We're gonna be in San Francisco for a special NBA Finals Game 1 watch party this Thursday! If you wanna win a chance to join us, follow the directions on our Twitter Tweet #NBAonYouTubeTV and let them know you wanna go!

ARE WE IN THE NEW NBA LIVE 18 GAME?! We got an invite to an exclusive event along with a lot of other NBA/basketball YouTubers to get a sneak peek of the brand new EA Sports NBA Live 18! Yes, NBA LIVE is our favorite basketball video game from our childhood and now they're coming back better than ever. - WE GOT TO SEE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE - WE TALKED WITH THE GAME'S DESIGNER - WE GOT OUR FACES SCANNED INTO THE GAME - PLAYED BALL WITH SOME OF THE TOP NBA GAMERS - GOT FREE SHOES AND CLOTHES Check out the full video down below!! And thank you EA SPORTS NBA LIVE 🙏🙏 #NBALive18

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