TOP 10 PERFORMANCE BASKETBALL SHOES OF 2017! - What was the best hoop shoe of 2017? - Adidas vs. Nike - which one is better? - Paul George Signature vs. Kyrie? Share this with your friends who love basketball and the NBA!

THE ASIAN BUBBLE: A Fung Bros. Short Film - Have you ever felt trapped in an Asian Bubble? - What should you do if you are? - How 3 friends react when challenged to step outside their comfort zone! Share this with your friends who need to see this!

What happens when you step outside your bubble? Full short film coming soon!

SAIGON STYLE VIETNAMESE FOOD - We're covering SOUTHERN Vietnamese Food - MI QUANG? Ya'll need to try this! - Vietnam has 3 major food regions, North, Central, & South! Share this with your friends who need to know!

YO! You know we love basketball and sneakers. Thanks to our fans Sam and Mary in the Philippines we got to experience them in a whole new way. It truly was a special trip. Watch our Fanagement episode in Manila, Ph down below! #GlobeStudios #TheFanagement #Season2

YO! We visited the Philippines for the first time and met up with two of our biggest Filipino fans! Were they able to make our quick stay a memorable one? Find out on the next episode of the Fanagement on Globe Telecom YT channel! Coming soon! (watch this trailer and then watch the whole video on YouTube!) YT channel link: #GlobeStudios #TheFanagement #Season2

We had a BOBA TALK with GIANT ROBOT! - Listen to us get REAL about Asians in Media! - Do you think of the situation? Share this with your friends who are interested in this topic!

For anyone who's into any sort of Chinese pop culture, you gotta watch this new music video! Share it if you like!

7-11's in ASIA have so many COOL items! We explored the one in Hong Kong! - Share this with your friends who love 7-11!

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